How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

How to Get Rid Of Stretch Marks NaturallyIf you are burdened by unsightly stretch marks, it is important that you know that there are several different strategies that may be used to successfully rid yourself of these skin scars, naturally.

The presence of these skin abnormalities does not necessary indicate that you have a serious health condition or something else.

It simply means that your skin is going through a process where it is expanding beyond the normal level of elasticity means of the layer of the skin referred to as the “Dermis”.  You may encounter these scars as a result of accumulation of muscles, pregnancy or because you are gaining weight too quickly, or losing weight at a rapid weight.

If your weight is fluctuating abnormally, there could be an underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed, like thyroid complications. However, even this type of condition should not prevent you from ridding your body of the unsightly, and often embarrassing, marks that have developed on your body.

Prevention is the First Natural Step to Elimination

When it comes to stretch marks, prevention is considered to be the first and most effective step to elimination. In order to prevent these scars from becoming present on the skin, you need to understand that there are typically caused by an excessive amount of weight gain or weight loss.

If you notice that you are gaining weight abnormally, you may need to look into a diet program that is suited for your individual needs. If you are losing weight abnormally, you may have an underlying medical condition – such as hyperthyroidism – that may need to be addressed. If you find that your weight is fluctuating for reasons beyond your level of expertise, it is advised that you consult a doctor. The doctor will likely do a work up that involves your current state of health, your health history and may possibly order tests to determine if there are abnormalities within your body.

By addressing any and all physical challenges that you may be experiencing, you may be able to successfully prevent the onset of stretch marks or at least reduce the amount that you acquire.


Exfoliation to reduce Stretch MarksThe next method that many individuals use in order to successfully rid themselves of stretch marks naturally is to ensure that they regularly exfoliate their skin. When stretch marks develop, it indicates the presence of scar tissue within the skin. If the scars are located in certain areas of the body, the scar tissue may be successfully eliminated by reducing the amount of dead skin that is located near the visible scarring.

Many individuals utilize combinations of baking soda and oatmeal, while others may elect to use commercially designed agents that utilize natural products in order to exfoliate the affected skin in a gentle manner.  Exfoliation is a very popular natural remedy for eliminating stretch marks.

Improve the Elasticity of the Skin

Elastin is a special protein that is found in the skin. It assists in improving the skin’s ability to stretch without complications. As individuals advance in age, their skin loses some of this protein. In turn, the elasticity of the skin reduces to some degree. Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched too quickly and beyond what is appropriate for the amount of elastin that is found in the skin. If you are trying to get rid of stretch marks naturally, it is important that you learn how to improve the overall elasticity of the skin.

The following highlights some natural steps that you may take to achieve this goal:

  1. While in the shower, massage the skin with a loofah. This is a special bath sponge that is composed of specially cultivated gourds. Unlike other sponges, which are typically composed of pieces of sea animals or various types of vegetable plants, a loofah is highly abrasive. It assists in removing dead skin and other types of debris from the skin. In addition to eliminating dead skin and debris, it also assists in optimizing the amount of moisture that the skin absorbs. Overall, the process is highly effective in adding flexibility to the skin. As a result, visible stretch marks will fade and it will prevent new stretch marks from developing.
  2. There is a type of green algae that contains only one cell that is called “Chlorella”. This substance is grown and retrieved from freshwater ponds that are man-made. It has been established that it assists in restoring the natural alkaline balance of the tissues of the body. As a result of its high level of chlorophyll, the algae have been used all throughout history to heal both the inside and the outside of the body. When it comes to the skin, it helps to protect the elastin fibers against various enzymes that result in natural degradation. This means, when used against skin that is scarred by stretch marks, it will assist in eliminating the visible signs of the marks. You may use this substance directly on the skin for optimal results.
  3. If you want to improve the elastin in your skin to get rid of stretch marks, it is important that you consume a supplement that includes ascorbic acid on a daily basis. A good example of this type of supplement is Vitamin C. Not only does this supplement work to improve the production of elastin, it also assists in strengthening the amount of elastin that is present in the body. You should consume at least 500mg daily. You may also increase the amount of ascorbic acid that is in your body by consuming foods that contain the acid. Examples of these foods include kiwi, citrus based fruits and broccoli.

Increase the Amount of Moisture in the Skin

If you are interested in learning how to get rid of stretch marks naturally, you should add moisture to your skin. By increasing the amount of moisture on the skin, it becomes more flexible. There are many different activities that may be engaged in that will successfully hydrate the skin. The following outlines these options:

  • It is important to consume anywhere between eight and ten glasses of water each day. Not only does this add moisture to the internal region of the body, it also adds moisture to the skin. In addition to this, water has the capability of removing impurities from the skin.
  • You may use lotions directly on the region affected by stretch marks in order to optimize the moisture of the skin. You should focus on using lotions that contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • Several times a day, you should make a point to apply cocoa butter to the area of the skin that has stretch marks. This treatment will not only add moisture to the skin, which improves elasticity, but it will also assist in repairing the skin.


If you are interested in learning how to get rid of stretch marks, it is quite likely that you will find a lot of information on the internet. There are many natural remedies, old wives tales and more about stretch mark removal. However, the steps mentioned in this guide are not only safe, they are effective. By simply exfoliating the skin, improving the elasticity of the skin and hydrating the skin, you can successfully eliminate unsightly and often embarrassing stretch marks from your skin.


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