How to Cover up Stretch Marks

Millions of people research how to cover up stretch marks on a daily basis. The rippling bands that are typically purple, white, silver or red in color are considered, by many, to be unsightly and embarrassing.

While it is true that these skin scars often stem from skin stretching that is caused by excessive and rapid weight gain, increased muscle mass and even by rapid weight loss, it is also true that they are caused by the deterioration of the elastin fibers that are located in the dermis layer of skin.

In nearly all cases, deficiencies associated with nutrients or hormone levels in the body are to blame for the breakdown of the elastin within the skin. Stretch mark removal is often considered to be challenging, as well as expensive.  In this guide, you will learn how to cover up embarrassing stretch marks for the fraction of the cost associated with more professional ways of eliminating the visibility of the scars.

Temporary Skin Firming Fixes

One of the first ways to cover up stretch marks is to focus on temporary skin firming fixes. While it is true that most of these techniques will not produce effects that will last longer than twenty four hours, they will provide you with relief from the visible effects of stretch marks and other types of skin abnormalities, such as wrinkles.

There are numerous types of creams, lotions and ointments that are highly beneficial in minimizing the appearance of skin complications, such as stretch marks. It is important to focus on those that contain ingredients such as bioflavonoids and caffeine. In addition to this, those products that contain retinol and other substances such as peptides will prove to be highly beneficial.

Self-Tanning Products

How to Cover up Stretch MarksMany individuals have found that they may successfully reduce the appearance of stretch marks by using self-tanning products.

It is important to understand that when using these products, there is a chance that the stretch marks that you have may become darker. This is due to the fact that the marks are dark to begin with.

However, if you have very light stretch marks, you may find that the self-tanning products are helpful in covering up unsightly stretch marks for a short amount of time.

It is best to use self-tanning products rather than attempting to obtain a natural tan. If you naturally tan, the stretch marks will likely darken.

Tattoo Coverage

If you are interested in hiding stretch marks, you may consider getting tattoos. While it is true that many individuals are able to successfully reduce the visible appearance of their skin scars in this manner, many find that they are not only unhappy with the results that they experience, but that the stretch marks become more evident. This is due to the fact that when the skin experiences scarring, it is incapable of holding ink in the same manner that unscarred skin holds ink. If you have an interest in obtaining a tattoo in order to hide stretch marks, it is best to integrate the scars into a design rather than overlapping the marks with a design. By doing so, the marks will look more appealing and less noticeable.


Ultimately, covering up stretch marks may prove to be exceptionally challenging. While there are some temporary tricks, such as self-tanning products and skin firming strategies, these will only provide short-term relief. In some instances, tattoos may be used to cover stretch marks, but many that have tried this procedure have found that the scarring becomes more evident. It is best to consider more permanent and effective techniques that will reduce the visibility of stretch marks and/or completely eliminate the skin scars. Examples include adjusting your diet so that the collagen within the skin becomes stronger and/or laser stretch mark removal techniques.


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